Huge collection of classic stereos

I brought Dennis three receivers : a Technics SA-1000, a Sansui 9090DB, and a Yamaha CR 3020. All three were in distress, stuck in protection mode, and full of corrosion from sitting a year or so in a garage. I contacted Dennis with the dream of getting them up and running again. I have a huge collection of power war years receivers, and I was looking to partner with someone knowledgeable and caring to help me revive them all. Dennis replied that I had come to the right place.
So, I gave Dennis a chance with my first three receivers mentioned above and I am extremely satisfied with the service that I received.
Dennis notified me with what was needed to repair my receivers and at a very reasonable cost. I have been operating all three for the past week, and the rush that I used to feel listening to these behemoths way back when came flooding back. I just can’t believe they work as they should once again. They sound fantastic! I am so thankful for Dennis Sardilli for his unique abilities as a technician, and for all the extra things he does, because a job well done means a lot to him. Dennis is a true professional, and I will be bringing many more of my babies to be cleaned, tested, and repaired. In fact, he has my Pioneer SX 1980 and Rotel 1603 right now ! And I can’t wait to see (hear) what he has done with them. I highly recommend Dennis Sardilli for any and all electronic repair.

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