Huge collection of classic stereos

I brought Dennis three receivers : a Technics SA-1000, a Sansui 9090DB, and a Yamaha CR 3020. All three were in distress, stuck in protection mode, and full of corrosion from sitting a year or so in a garage. I contacted Dennis with the dream of getting them up and running again. I have a huge collection of power war years receivers, and I was looking to partner with someone knowledgeable and caring to help me revive them all. Dennis replied that I had come to the right place. So, I gave Dennis a chance with my first three receivers mentioned above and I am extremely satisfied with the service that I received. Dennis notified me with what was needed to repair my receivers and at a very reasonable cost. I have been operating all three for the past week, and the rush that I used to feel listening to these behemoths way back when came flooding back. I just can’t believe they work as they should once again. They sound fantastic! I am so thankful for Dennis Sardilli for his unique abilities as a technician, and for all the extra things he does, because a job well done means a lot to him. Dennis is a true professional, and I will be bringing many more of my babies to be cleaned, tested, and repaired. In fact, he has my Pioneer SX 1980 and Rotel 1603 right now ! And I can’t wait to see (hear) what he has done with them. I highly recommend Dennis Sardilli for any and all electronic repair.

70s Fender Bassman Amp Head

Just brought my early 70s Fender Bassman Amp Head into Dennis and I have never heard it sound better since I got it. Everyone in the venue last night can attest. Had several compliments on its tone from my band, fans, and venue employees. His knowledge of the hardware put me at ease right away and his back stock of components made it so he was able to make the repair in a great time frame. Appreciate his service and wouldn’t consider anyone else in Jacksonville area.

Carman Pagano

It has been my pleasure to meet Dennis Sardilli at Audio 3000 recently. I have a vintage Marantz 2270 receiver and a vintage Audio Research SP-9 MKII preamp, and both had developed some sonic issues. Mr. Sardilli was able to make both of these units sound new again. His charges for the work were very reasonable and fair. He finished the work when he said he would. Since I got both units back home, I find myself listening to both units more than before I took them to Mr. Sardilli's workshop. The SP-9 sounds better than I have ever heard it sound in the almost 30 years which I have owned it. The Marantz 2270 had been worked on by someone else before and still had issues that Mr. Sardilli was able to accurately diagnose and repair. He has earned my future business and I now consider him as my electronics "Go To guy" for an honest and fair evaluation and repair. I have some more vintage stereo equipment that I'll be talking to Mr. Sardilli about taking a look at. I am very pleased to have found someone who can competently repair older equipment, and that he is less than an hour drive from where I live. Lastly, thank you Mr. Sardilli for your excellent work with my equipment.

Conscientious and careful

Dennis is great. He's conscientious and careful and committed to doing a good job. The 300B amp I sent him is working splendidly and he even corrected most of the frame distortion that had occurred over the years. David Ross

I Highly Recommend Audio 3000
Joseph Cada
August 24, 2021

I bought a McIntosh MC240 tube power amp and an McIntosh MX 113 preamp in good cosmetic condition, but when the system arrived, I hooked the speakers and the preamp to the MC240 amplifier, but it had no sound. The seller said that it was in good working condition, but apparently not. The amp had a hum in the speakers, and the preamp had no sound. I did my Google research and stumbled upon Audio 3000. I emailed the company first to see if I could get a response. Well, Dennis responded the following day and I set the appointment immediately. I dropped off the equipment and a week later, he told me what needed to be fixed and the price of labor and parts. I agreed to the service and price. After one week, my vintage stereo was ready to be picked up and all issues were resolved. I was super happy about the service and I intend to bring more of my personal vintage collection. I highly recommend Audio 3000 for repairs and service of vintage audio. Dennis is very knowledgeable about all this gear and will bring your equipment back to life. I highly recommend Audio 3000 for all your audio equipment repairs and services.

Dennis is AWESOME
David Harrison
August 14, 2021

Dennis is AWESOME. He is very knowledgeable. I brought a vintage Randall RG100es to him that was having issues. Few days it was fixed good as new. He also fixed the footswitch, and had me bring my cab in so he could look it over. Price was more than fair, so I tipped him as well. He is the only person I trust with my amps and effects from now on. 10/10 from me.

Marshall SS Half Stack
June 30, 2021

I have a Marshall solid state half stack that I got when I was 15 years old. It was used when I got it. I am now 43 years old and have ran into several issues with the Marshall cabinet over the last 10 years. I had taken it to several different people to be fixed for different issues and the amp never returned the way I was hoping it to sound or the problem came back months afterwards. I was referred by a friend to go to Audio 3000 to see Dennis. Dennis took a $75 cash deposit and said the $75 would come off the final bill once complete, which it did. I took the amp to Dennis and he encouraged me to bring the cabinet next time because the cabinet should have some issues with it as well that could cause more issues to my head if he was not able to take a look at it. Dennis had my amp for a couple of days and called me with the good news that I had a good amp that now sounded outstanding. I then took my cabinet up there and with a magnifying glass Dennis inspected the soldering on my 1960 input jack. he immediately noticed the 1960 board soldering was cracked and he repaired it right there on the spot. I came home, cranked up the Marshall and it sounds fabulous and have had no issues with it as of now. I have told all of my musician friends about Dennis and I highly recommend anyone who needs a solid technician to work on their equipment to go see Dennis at Audio3000. Thanks Again Dennis! 🙂 - One completely satisfied customer

Qualified and Honest
Nick M.
February 3, 2021

I have a vintage Sansui AU-717 that is a great amplifier. Unfortunately, both Phono inputs started popping even without a turntable plugged in. After searching the internet I found some repair shops that would do the work on the unit but I didn’t get a easy feeling when I was talking to them. Then I found Audio 3000! When I first called Dennis he told me he was with a customer and would call me right back. After hanging up the phone I thought, keep looking. Well, was I surprised when he called me back 10 minutes later! He listened attentively while I explained the problem and was confident that he could fix the Sansui. I drove it over to Dennis from Fort Walton Beach and dropped it off to him. Within a week he called and had it diagnosed and what it needed to repair and the cost. I just picked it up and got it home and it sounds better than ever. In addition, since Dennis has gone thru the unit I have the confidence that it has many good years ahead. I feel after dealing with Dennis that he is not only a qualified technician but a decent and honest person.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Charlie Suggs
January 7, 2021

I have a Pioneer SX-737 I purchased new on December 31st 1975 at Standard Sales here in Jax FL (I still have the receipt). I've kept it in a safe and climate controlled environment over the years. Recently I got it all hooked back up to use and it had issues with the volume control popping really bad, and losing a channel. I took it to Audio 3000 and a few days later (to my surprise) It was ready for pickup. Folks let me tell you, it rocks my Marantz Speakers that I bought the same day of the SX-737. I can't believe the power this amp has ! It was never like this before ! So cool to have something that is now going on 46 years old that works and plays so well. I'm more ecstatic now then back on Dec, 31st 1975. Highly Recommend Audio 3000

Yamaha CR800 Receiver
James Blase
January 2, 2021

I brought my mid 1970s' Yamaha CR800 receiver in for Dennis at Audio 3000 to evaluate/repair a volume and AM radio issue. I collect vintage audio and I'm very particular when it comes to the care and upkeep of them. This was my first time using Dennis' services. The main driver in going with him were the outstanding testimonials from others who have previously brought vintage equipment to him. I can say that they were all accurate. Dennis had the repair done sooner than expected and at a reasonable cost. I'm glad to know I have someone like him locally who I can trust to do good work.

Great Service, Fast Turn Around
Chris Johnson
December 3, 2020

I got my Fender Hotrod Deville 212 re tubed and had all the MODS done to it. It is absolutely the best sounding amp now. Amazing what a difference it made. Great service. Fast turn around. I will be going back for all my tube amp needs.

I Trust His Work, It Will Be Right
Timothy Williams
August 17, 2020

I was using another shop for a repair way across town. I was told about Audio 3K by a friend of mine that had his Pearce G2 worked on there, and was very pleased by the results and the shop was MUCH closer to home and work. I decided to give it a try. It was what I thought would be a simple repair and it turned out to be cost ineffective to perform. To "slap a band aid" on it would have been easy and 2-3 months later, would have been right back there again. To fix it correctly would have been $500-$600, and I could acquire a new replacement for far less. I was TOLD this by Dennis. He could have just suckered me and did not. The man has ETHICS and is honest up front with everything. I brought him my Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo power amp, now long discontinued. I had broken the impedience selector switch on 1 side. Dennis attempted to get the parts, and they were not available. He did repair it with a fixed rating on that side of 8 ohms, the other side is adjustable. I took him my 1987 made Lee Jackson Metaltronix M1000 which is a rare amp to say the least. My heart was in my throat, as this was THE amp that made me want a tube head to start with and I have owned since October 1993. A few days later, it was back to me in fine order after a repair beyond my capacity. Most recently, Dennis did a modification to my Marshall Dual Super Lead 100. He installed a Mercury Magnetics 3H choke. He was up front with me that he'd never done this before, but would research it after I claimed it looked to be pretty easy, judging from the tutorial videos on MM's site. I dropped it off on a Thursday, midday. He called me Saturday morning to say he had played the amp and it sounded really good, excellent tubes in it, did I bias it myself? Yes, I did, why? The bias job was SPOT ON, most guys have no idea how to do it correctly, but I had done it perfectly and the amp sounded great as it was. He couldn't wait to hear the difference that I claimed the choke would make. That was 8:15 am. He called me back at 11:10 and told me it was finished, pictures sent to me of the job, which was flawless. It looked like this amp rolled out of Marshall in the UK like this, and that the choke was INCREDIBLE sounding and made a very prominent difference across the entire spectrum of the amp's functions. Dennis is straight up with you. If its something that is going to be a fortune to fix, he tells you before he starts. If its something that is out of his purview such as a wireless system, he told me that it had to go back to the manufacturer due to it being a broadcast transmission item and the FCC gets involved in that. He can't do that repair. So far, I have had nothing but a terrific experience with Audio 3000 and I have had 4 repairs, 1 modification and a couple "Hey, this is something that isn't worth doing because of costs" to my pro audio gear and a repair to my Yamaha THX home theater receiver. Dennis has always been 100% honest, transparent about the process, polite and respectful to me as a client. He is a consummate professional that knows his craft VERY well. His rates are very reasonable. As of this review, he charges a $50.00 deposit for evaluation/bench fee. It is non-refundable, but is credited to the repairs if you elect to fix the item. My average repair/modification cost has been $175.00. That's the AVERAGE. Some have been less, a couple have been MUCH more, but I told him "Its my baby. Fix it. I can't so I need you to. Make her bulletproof." He said he would advise me as the situation warranted. He did the entire way and it was a $325.00 repair, but so worth it, as I cannot replace this item. I trust the man with my rare and valuable items and more importantly, I trust his WORK. It will be RIGHT when your item comes back to you, dead parts included. I wish I had found his shop sooner.

Vintage Pioneer Equipment
Steve & Debbie
April 24, 2020

This is the second time I have used your expertise on the repair and restoration of my vintage Pioneer equipment. On this occasion it was for work on my SA-9100 and PL-540. Once home, I could not wait to hear how they would sound. The first record was a live recording from Ben Folds and it was outstanding. I don't remember this sounding so good! You now have my SX-727, which hasn't been in service for quite some time. I can only imagine how good it is going to sound and look. For anyone looking for a reliable and honest person to work on their vintage equipment, I do not hesitate to recommend Dennis. Thank you very much,

Go-To Guy
Steve Jones
March 21, 2020

As a collector of vintage Pioneer stereo equipment, Dennis has turned out to be my 'go-to guy' for advice, information and repair of my stereo equipment collection. The drive to his shop, which is 3 hours one way, is well worth the service I receive. If you are looking for honest work, a fair price and a quick turnaround, Dennis is the man for the job.

Knowledgeable Individual
Renee Garrett
January 21, 2020

Dennis has done several audio projects for me and has shown himself to be a knowledgeable individual with technologies of a multitude of equipment types and ages. Initially I came to him with a Phase Linear amp and pre-amp from the mid 70's. Another technician had worked on them and couldn't fix them, but told me the "parts were all in there." Dennis received this mess of defunct parts - the other technician gave me back the parts he destroyed. Dennis found some very difficult to find replacement parts and fixed the Phase Linear for me. He then went on to fix my Marantz pre-amp and also my McIntosh pre-amp. Every repair done with expertise and handled with professionalism. Not only does he know his stuff, but he's just a really cool guy to work with.

Sounds spectacular
Louie Denslow
September 29, 2019

Thanks for bringing my Marshall JVM410 head back to life after it completely died! You diagnosed the problem quickly and explained it to me. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the quick turnaround, given the size of the repair. I just took it for a 2 hour test drive and it sounds spectacular! You are a pro. Thanks again. Louie

Completely delighted
Jim Inch
September 16, 2019

I have had two amps fixed / refurbished and have been completely delighted by the results. A particularly difficult and technical fix and refurbish job on an old classic VOX modelling amp turned out better than I could have imagined. I would highly recommend Audio3000 to anyone with amplifier repair or refurbishment jobs.

Stands behind his work
Nicholas Schevikhoven
August 14, 2019

Dennis installed new connections on my speaker cabinet. Some of the mounting hardware screws were too short. I took the cabinet in to Audio 3000 and Dennis fixed the problem with stronger hardware, longer bolts instead of screws, and ensured that they would be secured without any further issues. It is very secure now and doesn't look any different than it did other than the color of fasteners. Dennis stands by his work and makes sure you leave happy. Thanks again for the work you do and the fact that you always stand behind your work.

True craftsman
Doug Millar
July 24, 2019

Dennis, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the outstanding work you did on both my amplifier and preamplifier. I have been enjoying both. The Technics Amplifier functions as it did when I purchased it back in 1981. All channels crisp and clear and switching between sources is flawless. I am very pleased that I had you do the work. You are a true craftsman. Best regards, Doug Millar

Overall great experience
Josh Johnian
June 27, 2019

Just talking to Dennis about electronic repair you can tell that you are in good hands. I took my Fender Blues Deluxe in for unknown issues and Dennis was able to fix it within a day while including other small repairs to make my amp sound and feel brand new. All on top of amazing customer service, overall great experience.

Exceptional skills
Nicholas Schevikhoven
June 24, 2019

Audio 3000 came highly recommended to me. Dennis is very personable and professional. There were some exceptional skills put into getting my head unit back to life. There was constant communication during the entire process and the work was done in a timely fashion. My head unit is working as good as it was when I first purchased it. Very satisfied and I will be a return customer for a couple other jobs in the near future.

Sounds incredible
Norm Owings
June 17, 2019

Thanks again for the outstanding job you did on my Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface. I spent a couple of hours playing it yesterday and it sounds incredible.

Professional repair
Don McClintock
May 20, 2019

I just want to thank you for your professional repair. It is really nice to find someone who takes repair as seriously as I do. My Stereo is 100% functional once more. The "rip & replace" mentality in this country is very concerning and shows a complete lack of respect for the excessive resource cost that NOT repairing our "stuff" is causing.

Performed flawlessly
Craig Parke
March 9, 2019

Dennis I have been listening to my system for several weeks. The Harmon kardon preamp and amplifier you serviced have performed flawlessly and sound amazing. I am enjoying my system for the first time in too many years. Thank you very much for you excellent repairs. Craig

Excellent workmanship
Johnny Courson
February 18, 2019

Great electronic repair guy. Dennis is always professional and courteous. He had my Marshall amp back in service in a few days. He takes the time to explain what needs to be done to get your equipment back in working order and what the cost will be. Quick turnaround Excellent workmanship Wealth of knowledge ( music gear and home audio) Good communication I will always trust Audio 3000 for all my music equipment repair needs. Johnny

Great job
Ken Nasta
February 18, 2019

I can always rely on Dennis @ Audio 3000 to do a great job on my vintage stereo gear. The work is always done in a timely fashion and at a fair price. I wouldn’t be able to offer customers a reliable unit that won’t break down without Audio 3000. Dennis keeps my vintage audio business rolling along smoothly.Take it from me and do yourself a favor and use Audio 3000 for your next electronic repair!

Top notch work with integrity
Alex Crowson
January 20, 2019

Thanks again for the excellent work you did on my 1967 Traynor tube amp. You could have merely fixed my amp and sent me on my way, but having me bring my speaker cabinet and cables to test them you found that ohms on my cabinet were way off and was most likely culprit for why the amp failed. In doing so you, ensured that I did not damage the amp again. You also took the time to explain the proper way to power up the amp correctly. I look forward referring you to my friends because of your integrity and top notch work.

500 mile drive
Jim Freeman
September 12, 2018

Dennis, Just a word to tell YOU..FANTASTIC. Thanks for taking my vintage Pioneer SX-1250 and breathing new life into it. I've had this unit since 1976, and now it's back to it's original condition inside and out. It's a beautiful and breath taking machine. The 500 mile drive to get it to your shop was well worth it.Your service was quick and professional. Thanks again. Jim

Great sound
Steve Stewart
September 10, 2018

You did a great job on my Pioneer SX780 receiver. It sound just like brand new and I only have to turn the volume up very little for a great sound. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the receiver and the speakers. The sound is fantastic. Thanks Steve Stewart

Fine work
Cameron Burroughs
August 18, 2018

"Dennis does fine work! I'd highly recommend him to anyone who needs amplifier repair."

David Stage
Enjoying immensely
August 17, 2018

We've been enjoying the Sansui QRX-5500 stereo immensely! Thank you very much for bringing the machine back to life. It's so much better than it ever was before and better than anything I've ever owned! David Stage

Sounding perfect
Jeremy Brown
August 14, 2018

I recently took in my vintage Sansui receiver and Technics turntable in. The turntable was dragging and only one of my speakers would play. The other was very distorted. Within about a week Dennis got my whole set up back sounding perfect.

Superb work
Jason Gmeienr
August 7, 2018

Dennis, thanks for fixing my vintage Marantz receiver!!! Anyone who is into vintage or high end audio gear, this is the place to have work done. I brought this to him when the receiver started to cut out and make popping sounds, being 40 years old I was worried it may not be repairable. Dennis gave the receiver a thorough once over and informed me that it may be very difficult to fix but he would do his best. He called me with some great news, the receiver was fixed albeit a very challenging job. He does superb work and the Marantz in now working like new. Dennis, thanks for sticking with a real "problem child" piece of gear and making it work like new again. I will certainly be a repeat customer with all my audio gear. Jason Gmeienr

Great job
Ralph Colton
July 26, 2018

Dennis did a great job repairing my beloved Luxman 5C50 pre-amp and aligning the 5M20 amp that it feeds. Turnaround was unbelievable. 8 days from in to out including ordering parts. Not many techs around as good with the old silver face stereo stuff. It sounds better than new. Thanks, Dennis Ralph Colton

Blues Jr mods
Jim Hopkins
July 20, 2018

Dennis, Please post this on your website, ATTENTION ALL BLUES JR OWNERS!! Call Dennis immediately! This is my third project with Dennis and the Blues Jr is by far the most impressive! Dennis KNOWS what to do to this amplifier. I was not impressed with the amp prior to the mods, but now it's going to be my primary gigging amp. Thanks again Dennis and if you need to borrow my amp to convince someone, that's fine, I'd be glad to show it off! R, Jim

Truly impressive
James Hopkins
July 2, 2018

Dennis, thank you for another FLAWLESS job! I cannot remember how long I’ve had my Peavey Ultra Plus 2x12 combo amp, I’ve been gigging with this amp for years. It has NEVER sounded this good. The work performed was outstanding. Top notch customer service…spot on! What is truly impressive is your in-depth knowledge and equally impressive is your workspace. You tell a lot about a technician simply by observing their workplace. Your space is very well organized. Thanks so much for walking me through the technical aspects of the work performed. I also enjoyed cranking up the amp with you and jamming out! That was fun! Thanks again, Jim

Professional technician
Lorne Mays
July 2, 2018

I am so happy! Dennis is a professional technician with a wealth of knowledge. I recently brought him my 70's era Ampeg V4B tube amplifier head that had not been used for many years. He diagnosed it, called me personally to explain his findings and to okay the repair, then he called again for me to come play some bass guitar through it and it sounded great. "Music to my ears" Thank You Dennis for your customer service and honest repairs.

Awed by the sound
Peter Andre
June 30, 2018

I got home and plugged my Squire Jazzmaster into the Fender Deluxe Reverb that you repaired and was awed by the sound. there is more volume and no more distortion. You have earned a repeat customer. Thank you Pete

Highly knowledgeable
James Hopkins
June 27, 2018

Dennis, I would like to thank you for the repair work on my Marshall JCM 2000 (TSL122) Combo. The amplifier had the well-known bias drift problem. After years without success, I have finally found a highly knowledgeable amplifier technician. I was very impressed that you were thoroughly familiar with this amplifier. Equally remarkable was the highly detailed repair work that has completely resolved the bias drift problem. I’ve been playing the amplifier with a huge grin for hours and hours…I now feel confident enough to gig with this amplifier. Thanks again Dennis! Sincerely, JIm

Fantastic job
Brad Sterling
May 30, 2018

Dennis did a fantastic job restoring my Kenwood KR 9600. It looks and sounds better than it ever has! I will recommend Audio 3000 to anyone that needs vintage stereo repair"

True professional
Jae Kim
April 18, 2018

True professional and friend. I have known Dennis for over 7 years and he has worked on many of my high end stereo components, that usually require only the top service technicians who know the brands and have the knowledge to repair them correctly. Well, he never fails to amaze me with the results on each component that he repairs. His professionalism on business and friendship!! If you have high end gear that only the best technician can handle, see Dennis! You’ll be amazed too. Thanks always Dennis .

Extra mile
Bryan Foiles
April 16, 2018

My experience with Dennis at Audio 3000 has been stellar. He uses only top quality components for the repairs and does a thorough inspection of equipment to keep my vintage tube amps up and running. Dennis really goes the extra mile to explain repairs and things that can be done to prevent future equipment failures. Thank you Audio 3000!

Great Job
Alphonso Johnson
April 2, 2018

Great Job on my Roland/Korg Keyboards..Both are 100% Awesome now.....The turn around TIME was sooner than I expected...Very Detailed & Professional... Thanks D... Alphonso Goodtime JR.....

Sounds fantastic
John Peters
March 30, 2018

Dennis was a pleasure to work with and was a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise. He maintained excellent communication throughout the process of repairing my amp and modifying my cabinet, both of which now sound fantastic. I will definitely have him do all my audio electronics work in the future.

Quality and reliability
Greg Stephens
February 28, 2018

"I brought in a Marshall plexi clone 50 W tube guitar amp that had serious damage. Audio 3000 owner, Mr. Sardilli, established a work schedule, performed the work on time, and delivered a repaired amp that was considerably better than I expected. He thought about things that impact the sound quality and reliability, that only an individual with great expertise would consider. I consider the final price to have been very fair. I found Mr. Sardilli to be polite and easy to work with. He runs his business like a professional." Regards, Greg

#1 place work with
Mary Kay
September 13, 2017

Dennis Sardilli, owner of Audio 3000 repaired my Sansui AU-919 Amplifier that was purchased in Guam in the late 70's. I couldn't find anyone in my surrounding area that could work on it. It was worth the 5 hour trip to have Dennis work on my amplifier. He not only repaired my amplifier, it was an awesome turnaround time. I was so excited after getting the system back together and working again. I will now utilize Dennis to work on my entire Sansui system, all original to the late 70's. The system sounds absolutely awesome and working with Dennis was easy breezy. I'm so happy to have my system working again. Awesome work Dennis and you are now listed as my #1 spot of favorites to work with. Mary Kay Kassiris Panama City Beach, FL.

Fantastic job
Nick Herrero
July 17, 2017

Hey Dennis Just wanted to let your know that you did a fantastic job on BOTH of my amps that you've worked on recently. They sound amazing and I wouldn't let anyone else work on my gear. Thanks again and keep up the strong work. Nick

Great work
Louie Denslow
July 12, 2017

Dennis repaired, re-tubed, and re-biased my Marshall JVM 410 head. All four channels have come alive! The tone pots are no longer scratchy and are more responsive. Also, the amp is quiet now. Great work Dennis! Louie

Outstanding Excellence
Chip Bennett
June 27, 2017

Dennis Sardilli, owner of Audio 3000 is the sage of the day before yesterday's technology. I think that most of the stuff he works on is old; like my 43 year old '74 Fender Pro Reverb. It was inoperable when I took it in. Huge pops and screams with everything at 0. In a few weeks it was done. To avoid surprises after a ride home, I played it at Audio 3000 for 20 minutes before calling it good and settling up. It sounded great! The experience at home was a surprise... same stuff again. Ouch. Called Dennis, and made arrangements to bring it back in. It was fixed in two days. Dennis has a way to bypass the speakers and diagnose the circuits with a series of lamps. It was a super rare reverb transformer issue, which was found with an automotive stethoscope; he literally listened to an area of the circuit that was making the noise and found the issue. Audio 3000 replaced the reverb transformer at no charge. I waited several weeks to write this review. My amp is working better than ever; it is clean and practically noiseless. The fact that Audio 3000 didn't put it on the shelf because the issue was extremely difficult to isolate and diagnose IS the testimonial here. Audio 3000 will not give up until the issue is fixed - completely. I will not take my amp to anyone else. Trust him too. Totally honest business. Thank you Audio 3000.

Impressed with the service
Jackie Carty
April 13, 2017

I am so impressed with the service we received from Dennis at Audio 3000! This repair shop was recommended to us, because they work on solid state amps and Schertler in particular. When Dennis started working on our amp he gave us a call to clarify what we were wanting and gave us a quote before doing the repairs. Their time table is so much better than I expected (just a couple of weeks instead of the months that we've heard of from some repair shops). When the repair was completed, Dennis tested it thoroughly before shipping it back to us Thanks!

Works like new
Michael Lee Thomas
March 10, 2017

Well, Dennis has done it again! I brought my 80's McIntosh power amplifier and preamp to Dennis for repair/refurbishment, and wow! everything is now bullet-proof and works like new. This now sounds like very expensive new gear for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend Audio 3000.

All issues were fixed
Keith DeSousa
February 19, 2017

I brought my 25 + yr old Epiphone SC210 combo amp to Dennis. All of the issues were fixed and he did not leave me with a “pocket full of empties”. I have never heard the amp sound so good, just like new. Thanks Dennis. Jacksonville is lucky to have you!

Repaired the right way
Scott Montgomery / CG Promotions
January 19, 2017

'76 Pro Reverb Repaired the right way - FINALLY! I was referred to Dennis / Audio 3000 by my go-to speaker repair guy, and I am so glad he did. I took my 1976 Fender Pro Reverb in because all of a sudden it was blowing fuses. Dennis went through the whole amp and repaired several issues, some that were the result of having been tinkered with by someone who didn't know what they were doing and some simply due to the age of my amp. Wow, what a difference. Not only was the fuse issue repaired, but the sound of the amp has been restored. I didn't realize what I was missing! Thank you Dennis, you are now the only person I will allow to repair any of my audio gear.

Operating flawlessly
Monte Richardson
December 13, 2016

Dennis: May I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you performed on my Pioneer Spec-1 preamplifier, TX-9800 Tuner, and my HPM-150 speakers. I have been a vintage Pioneer aficionado for many years and you came highly recommended as the technician that has the passion and expertise to get the job done right. My equipment has been operating flawlessly since you serviced it and to put it simply, just sounds amazing. It is comforting to know there are professionals such as yourself who are committed to the service and engineered reliability of vintage electronics. You are a local treasure here in the Jacksonville area and I salute you.

Gene Lopreste
December 13, 2016

Recently returned from picking up my SAE Mark iii tuner, Pioneer Spec 2 amp and a set of Pioneer HPM-1100 speakers. Each came back operating like new. Could not be more pleased. Included in Dennis' professional service, being called during the repair process, advising me of the status and cost to date. I am convinced Dennis did the needed repairs at the most reasonable cost. In addition, he included other repairs I did not know needed attention. I would not consider taking my components anywhere else. I feel fortunate to have found Audio 3000.

Michael Thomas
September 24, 2016

Dennis Did a fantastic job of repairing my Mcintosh 1900 receiver. It has been flawless ever since. I highly recommend audio 3000!

Fender Hot Rod DeVille repair
Jim Brown
August 27, 2016

My Hot Rod Deville 2x12 amp started acting up on stage, so I took it to Dennis. He fixed the problems, installed his magic mod and it now works perfectly. It sounds better than ever. The clean channel sounds like a good Twin Reverb, the distortion channel with guitar turned back sounds like a good Marshall and with the guitar turned up on full, it sounds like a good Boogie...it's all here in one amp. I couldn't be happier. Great service and killer results.

The sound is just awesome.
Mitch Sweat
August 4, 2016

I received a referral from a local electronics store for Audio 3000. My 8” powered sub-woofer had stopped working and the original home theater installer was not responding. Upon contacting the original manufacturer I learned the subwoofer was out of production and a replacement would be over $800.00. I brought the unit to Dennis Sardilli and he replied back with the bad news that the power amp was fried, probably due to lightning. I asked if there was anything that we could do to salvage the speaker and housing, as they were in perfect condition. Dennis searched the internet and found some parts to re-build the unit and the result was just fantastic. For $300 bucks I have a brand new sub-woofer with a larger capacity amplifier and the sound is just awesome. Thanks Dennis!!! Mitch Sweat Jacksonville, FL

Works fantastic
Eugene Frame
August 4, 2016

Hi, my name is Eugene Frame. I have a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 combo amp. The amp was not functioning right. I contacted my local music store looking for someone who could repair amps. They referred me to another repairman. After several months he contacted me and asked me to come pick up the amp and explained that he was unable to repair it. He recomended sending it back to the manufacturer in California. When I got the amp back, it was in worse shape than when I brought it to him. I looked online and saw that Dennis had great reviews. I took it to him and within a week he had the amp repaired. He not only repaired the amp, but repaired what the other tech had done to it. The amp works fantastic now. When I went to pick up this amp, I also brought a Marshall for him to repair. Thank you again Dennis. Sincerely; Eugene Frame.

Top-notch service
Steve Prince
June 2, 2016

Top-notch service! Audio 3000 brought my “monster” Pioneer SX-1010 back to life! I read many Internet posts explaining the difficulty of repairing a bad power board, but Dennis was able to successfully fix the one I had and now I am enjoying my receiver to its fullest. I would recommend this professional shop to anyone who has audio gear that needs repair. Thanks, Steve

Great job
Jeff Wilson
March 6, 2016

I am an experienced musician with 15+ years of gigging experience. I have had a lot of amps go down and get fixed. Dennis is by far the best amp repair technician I have ever worked with. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and exhibits a passion for his craft, as well as attention to detail. I brought in a heavily used amp with an intermittent problem. He went through the entire circuit board with a magnifying glass and repaired anything that was not 100%. The end product operates as if brand new. I would recommend Audio 3000 to anyone. Thanks again for doing such a great job. That thing sounds so good I'm having trouble turning it off, I can't wait for my next gig.

Sounds fantastic
Aaron Walsh
March 5, 2016

Dennis did an incredible job on my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe! I went in with an old, beat up amp to get a minor fix and I walked out with a beautifully modded amp that sounds fantastic! I can’t even explain how much better this amp now sounds. He fixed all the minor annoyances I had with this amp and turned it into a boutique sounding dream. Thanks to Audio 3000 on a job well done! Thanks again!

Up and running
Curt Towne
January 15, 2016

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Curt Towne of The Curt Towne Band. I am a professional musician that heavily relies on my equipment. I'm a tone freak. With that being said. Not just anyone is going to work on my equipment. Dennis came highly recommend to me by trusted fellow musicians. Dennis not only repaired the issues in my Fender Hotrod Deluxe , he also modified it to reach the fullest potential of the the amplifier. Dennis had me up and running again in no time. Thank you again Dennis for the incredible work. Sincerely Curt

Organized and clean
Mike Liorti - Rosedale Music
December 21, 2015

"Dennis is a life saver! While on tour in south Florida my DMX light board fell off a speaker and the power adapter cracked right through the casing! I was doubtful it was repairable- at least not for this tour... I was referred to the skills of Dennis Sardilli at Audio 3000. So I gave him a call early on a Sunday and explained my situation. Even though I've never even worked with or met this gentleman, He put his plans on hold and met me at his shop as I was rolling into Jacksonville an hour before load in. His shop was EXTREMELY organized and clean! He converted his entire house into a state-of-art tech shop! By the looks of the damage done to my light board, I was pretty sure I'd have to order the part from Elation and wait at least a week to see it again. Dennis opened up the board, walked to the back of the room, opened a drawer and pulled out a little bag with the exact part I needed! I was in and out of there in 15 minutes and half hour early for load in! The world needs more techs and people like Dennis. Jacksonville is very lucky to have such a talented, dedicated, and professional company like Audio 3k right at their fingertips!"

Walter White of electronics
Chip Bennett
November 23, 2015

Walter White of Breaking Bad said chemistry is all about "The Transformation." In this case, Dennis Sardilli, the Walter White of electronics here in Jacksonville, Florida transformed my 1974 Fender Pro Reverb into a vintage treasure. Dennis did a "Bumper to Bumper" service - checked the tubes, tightened the tube sockets, biased the power tubes, and replaced a resistor. It used to pop and snap, and the reverb was not stable. The operating noise was sometimes a bit loud. Now - no more popping or snapping, and the operating noise is almost non-existent even when playing it on 3 in a small room. It has more clean head room than before. The reverb is deep and so is the tremolo. Overall, the tone is as fat as it can be. Dennis Sardilli is a Type A+ when it comes to his shop, his work and treatment of his clients. I am incredibly happy with my "brand new" Fender Pro Reverb that is 41 years young, and thus, would recommend Audio 3000 to anyone. Thanks, Chip

Works great
John Snow
October 17, 2015

Thanks for fixing my Behringer mixer, Dennis. I used it for 3 hrs last night and it works great!

Fixed correctly the first time
Greg Chirico
August 12, 2015

Audio 3000 "THE only place to go for equipment repair" I've been a full time professional musician in Jacksonville for over 30 years. Getting gear fixed professionally and in a timely manner was impossible until Dennis Sardilli came along. I know when I pick up my gear from Dennis, it's fixed correctly the first time! I recommend Audio 3000 to all my musician friends. Top notch from A to Z. Thanks Dennis for all that you do, and keep up the fantastic work! All the best, Gregg Chirico "Mr. Natural"

Knows his stuff
Angel Evon
July 29, 2015

Very fast, very good and great work. The man knows his stuff. I would recommend anyone to Audio 3000. Very glad I got to meet Dennis, cause there's no one else in Jacksonville that can do the work that he does. Thanks for your work and time Rock on brother..... Angel Evon Experience

Excellent experience
Andy O'Connell
July 28, 2015

I had purchased a JVM-410H and it started acting up. I didn't know who to bring it to in the area but a good friend suggested Dennis. I brought in the amp and right away Dennis put me at ease that he'd be able to figure out the problem and that it likely wasn't the end of the amp. Knowing I needed it for a gig, Dennis got on it right away for me. He fixed the problem as well as re-biased the amp and it sounds the best it ever did. Dennis' workmanship is equaled only by his customer service. Excellent experience and I will bring all my gear to him going forward and will recommend him highly to everyone. Thanks, Dennis!!

Exceptional Service
Billy Begley
July 28, 2015

I have several top end keyboards and I couldn't find anyone to fix them in the state besides a distributor. It was going to cost me a fortune to ship and repair all 4 keyboards. Dennis fixed each one and did the first two very quickly. I couldn't believe how thorough and professional his service was. I'm recommending Audio 3000 to all of my friends and musicians I know in the future. Thank you a million for the quality of your service! Exceptional Service Billy Begley of Lucky Costello

Cole Helman
July 10, 2015

Dennis' work at Audio 3000 is exceptional. I heard about him from a friend with rave reviews. I took my 67 Bassman amp up to him and he fixed it very quickly and was able to explain everything that he replaced and its function. Dennis is a very knowledgable, professional and passionate about his work. I will continue to bring all of my audio equipment to him and I'll definitely be spreading the word.

Working perfectly
Stuart A. Gregory
July 10, 2015

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you have performed on my gear for the past two years. I have always felt you have been very fair with your pricing and a steal considering the quality and turn time of equipment. Every piece you have repaired is still working perfectly. I have never had to bring something back because it was not right. Thank you for being there. It is a great comfort to know if something goes down, I have a resource like Audio 3000 to fix it. God Bless, Stuart A. Gregory

Sounds fantastic
Dan Stewart
July 10, 2015

The amp sounds fantastic. Thanks so much! "The only thing more impressive than his work is his friendly demeanor. Seems like a great guy and a total professional. My Marshall Valvestate amp sounds better than I even remember. I've already recommended him to some friends."

First time
Ricky Thompson
July 6, 2015

First time using this business. I must say the owner was very professional, friendly and prompt. I took 2 amps in for repair (1 tube and 1 solid state) and repairs were completed and picked back up in less time than expected. With that being said, I have found my new repair shop. By the way the repair prices were very reasonable and the friendly service was much appreciated. Thanks again Dennis and staff will see you soon. PS Both amps that you repaired are working excellent!!!!

Work is excellent
June 22, 2015

I have relied on Dennis Sardilli for many years. His work is excellent and he stands behind it. He is honest, truthful and is proud of what he does. Something that we miss in most businesses these days. I have referred lots of folks to Audio 3000 and will continue to do so. Good luck Dennis I'm proud to know you and do business with you. DAVE (davidwattbesley.com)

Well organized
Murray Goff
June 9, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for servicing and repairing my Mackie powered mixers. I appreciate your turn-around time and your professionalism. One of the things that has always impressed me about you is the condition that you maintain your workplace. Everything is clean and well organized and it gives me the confidence that my equipment will be taken care of and returned to me in great working order. Of course that is precisely what happened. You, sir, are a real pro and I truly appreciate that I can rely on receiving accurate information from you. I would recommend Audio 3000 to anyone in need of musical equipment repair.

Attention to detail
Jerry Allen
June 5, 2015

I was referred to Dennis from a local dealer and got confirmation regarding his work from a good friend. From the minute I walked into his shop, and was informed of the dangers of carrying my amp in the rain, I knew I was in the right place. His shop was organized, clean and his attention to detail was spot on. When I picked up my amp it was cleaned and working like new...my sound was back! I would highly recommend Dennis to all of my friends and will use him for all of my amp repairs. Thanks Dennis!

Trust to work on my gear
Dan Gray
March 9, 2015

I found Dennis through a posting on a message board while I was doing research to buy some new gear. There aren’t a lot of people I trust to work on my gear so I’ve had a few things in need of repair piling up in the corner for years now. So when one of my main guitar amps died, I took it to Dennis. After putting it on his bench he called me with an estimate, which was very reasonable, and to let me know that the output transformers are no longer available from the maker of this amp. He then told me that he has talked to someone about that and they had suggested a different output transformer as a replacement. Needless to say, the output transformer works great. It’s even a little louder than before it broke, but that just means it sounds better. Now I can’t wait to get all my other stuff fixed. I always appreciate when someone is willing to go the extra mile to be sure I’m happy.

Intermittent issues
Emery Kapples
March 9, 2015

I purchased my Yamaha CR1020 receiver back in the 70's. The sound has always been amazing, but the years have taken their toll. Intermittent issues are often the hardest to deal with, but Dennis seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. The receiver sounds brand new again. Not only does he perform quality work, but the receiver was ready much earlier than anticipated. Dennis has a strong knowledge of electronics and I would trust him with any of my equipment. I highly recommend Audio 3000 for equipment repair.

Rick Schlosser II
March 9, 2015

Dennis is amazing both in the quality of his work and his pricing. Always able to fix any item I bring him and in a timely fashion! Take your wares to Dennis with confidence. Love the sound of the Sansui - Thanks Dennis!

That perfect tone
Elijah Bradshaw
March 7, 2015

As a return customer to Audio 3000, I knew that Dennis would be able to solve the problems that I was having with my recently purchased guitar amplifier, a used Engl Screamer Head. Immediately, Dennis was able to diagnose that there was something "not right" with it. Much was wrong with the amp. Some capacitors were bad, the input jack was messed up and more. Dennis was able to bring the amp totally back to life at a reasonable cost and in a short amount of time. Now it sounds exactly like it should. The tone is amazing, and better than ever! Like many guitar players, I spend so much time trying to tweak and find that perfect tone. In reality, our dissatisfaction with how we sound can be linked to degraded or faulty equipment that just needs some care. Dennis is the only person I'd recommend and trust with my gear. Thank you Dennis!

True craftsman
Tony Lostaglio
February 3, 2015

Testimonial: "Dennis is a true craftsman. His work on my Marshall JCM2000 DSL head included an after market bias upgrade and tube replacement. The performance is really impressive with a whole new level of clean mid's and low's, along with significantly improved gain and super quiet! His prices are very reasonable and he takes customer service as seriously as he does all his technical work. One look at his shop and you'll know how organized and skilled he is. I've used many others over the years and now have found the best!"

Expertise and professionalism
George Korey
January 18, 2015

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have someone working on my Sansui system that knows what they are doing, is honest, guarantees his work, and gives great advice! We are very fortunate to have someone in this area with his expertise and professionalism. -George Korey

Prices are fair
Greg Smith
January 15, 2015

I would just like to tell everyone that I had Dennis do some repair work on my Sansui 5000A. It had a channel out, he found the problem and repaired it. He also took the time to do some other adjustments. I got it home and it sounded awesome. His prices are fair and he had it back to me within a reasonable time. The price he quoted me was the price I paid. I am happy to deal with him and will bring him all my stuff.

The extra mile
Tom McMillan
January 15, 2015

Dennis was very courteous to deal with, and very prompt in repairing our church's Sennheiser wireless microphone. Dennis went the extra mile by completing the repair while I was in Jacksonville. Saving me gas and time, since I live over an hour and a half away. I will certainly be calling on Dennis when I need a future repair.

Excellent job
Wes Reed
January 14, 2015

As a working DJ and club promoter, I regularly need sound equipment worked on. I was referred to a Dennis a couple of years ago by a DJ friend to get a CD player repaired. Dennis did an excellent job in a timely manner, at a reasonable price. Since then, he's done repairs for me on turntables, speakers, mixers, headphones and several other items that I use on a weekly basis. I have yet to run across a better technician in my 18 years in this business.

Excellent Service, Timely response
Don Freeman
January 13, 2015

I consider myself fortunate to have found Dennis to restore my vintage EPI 150 speakers. Despite it being during the Christmas rush, Dennis did a quick, thorough and professional job at a fair price. My old EPI's are now usable again and sound fantastic! It's been years since "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" sounded so good! Thank you, Dennis.

Professional and courteous
Patrick A. Rose
January 13, 2015

I have know Mr. Sardilli for 3 years, and have utilized his professional repair service on three occasions. Each time, he has been extremely professional and courteous. His knowledge of electronics is greater than any other person I have ever met. His prices are fair and his work has always been finished either on time, or ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of electronic repair. Thank you, Patrick A. Rose, musician, recording engineer, producer www.patrickarose.com

Fine Job
Andy Hofheimer
November 25, 2014

Comments: Dennis did a very fine job getting a new power panel installed and trimmed nicely to bring my Polk Sub-woofer back to "like-new" conditions. I felt fortunate to find a shop with the technical expertise to keep my high quality equipment running well.

Quality craftsmanship
Jay "Bone" Fettinger
November 23, 2014

"2 words about Audio 3000: Quality craftsmanship. Dennis simply takes pride in his work enough to dig deeper into a piece of equipment, to not only repair the immediate issue but look for potential issues. My Marshall JCM800 had been down for a number of years. Dennis took the time to make the amp sound better than it ever did before AND minimize future breakdowns."

Excellent service
David Lee Redding
November 23, 2014

I've been exclusively bringing my digital and analog equipment to Dennis for four years and always received excellent service. He is a very trustworthy technician and provides quality work in a timely and responsible manner. He often goes the extra mile to ensure reliability and thoroughness. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking electronic repairs.

Done right
Ken Nasta
November 22, 2014

Time after time Dennis @ Audio 3000 comes through with excellent work. In the past he has expertly repaired pieces that most techs would not be able to or take the time to. I know that when I take something there it's gonna come back operating the way it should and the prices are fair. Don't waste your $ elsewhere, Take it to Audio 3000 and get it done right!

Level of professionalism
Dom Berti
November 22, 2014

My Hartke kept blowing speakers and nobody could pinpoint the reason why until I brought it to Audio 3000. The level of professionalism that I received from Dennis was better than I received anywhere else. I am a professional musician and I need my equipment to be working at its best at all times. With Audio 3000 I have the confidence that my equipment is always at its peak. Dennis doesn't just repair, he analyzes why the problem happened and takes care of the root cause so that it is repaired once and for all. Thanks, Dom Berti

Professionalism and fairness
Jim Christopher
November 22, 2014

Customer Review: I sent my 30 year old Sansui receiver to Audio 3000 for repairs. There were a number of things wrong with it. Some of the problems were difficult to diagnose and were not readily apparent. Dennis did the research and figured it out. The repair was more involved and took longer than he had allowed in his estimate, but he refused accept any more for his services. He was challenged by the problem and would not allow this amplifier to leave the shop broken. As a result my Sansui is working great. It sounds better than ever. Dennis, your efforts have rewarded me with a nice piece of vintage equipment. Professionalism and fairness of the highest order. Thank you. - Jim Christopher, Marco Island FL.

Appreciate the quality of work done
David Williams
October 7, 2014

I really appreciate the quality of work done on my amp. The price was fair and no corners were cut with regards to materials used and caliber of work. My amp sounds as good as it did the day I unwrapped it. I appreciate the constant updates and the notifications before further expenses were incurred.

Recommending you
Mike Brindell
October 7, 2014

Thank you so much for repairing my old Vox amp. Your service was very fast and I can tell you have a passion for these things. I am completely satisfied with your service and will be recommending you to all my friends. In fact I already have a pro musician that says he needs your services on his bass amp. I will give him your number and you will recognize his name when he calls. Thanks again for everything. Mike Brindell

Great job
Jim Asselta
October 7, 2014

Great job on the repair and finished before promised. I didn't miss any work! Thanks, Jim Asselta

First experience
Toney Poole
September 16, 2014

This was my first experience with Audio 3000. I was referred by a friend who has done business with Dennis for years and told me Dennis would be able to take care of me. Our church had a really nice used sound board donated to the youth program but unfortunately it had a few issues. I took it to Audio 3000 and explained what kind of issues I was having. Within a couple days Dennis contacted me with an estimate for the repairs for a very reasonable price. I agreed with his estimate and Dennis made the repairs. The board works and sounds brand new. I could not be happier with my experience. I would highly recommend Audio3000 and Dennis to anyone with audio equipment repairs.

Amp worked great!
Tim Yezbick
June 22, 2014

"My amp suffered some water damage the day before a gig. Dennis had it fixed and sounding better than ever in less than 24 hours!"

Consummate professional and a rare find
Todd Shapiro
September 28, 2013

Dennis, owner/operator, at Audio 3000 is the consummate professional and a rare find. As a professional musician playing high end events throughout the Southeast (https://www.facebook.com/L2LMike) our gear is of the utmost importance. Dennis maintains, repairs, and modifies our gear to our specifications - Perfect every time and it's no surprise, Dennis has an extensive electrical engineering background and knows electronics gear inside and out (Tube & Solid-state). Fast turn around, clean shop - he's the man!

Good as new
Mindy Geuder
July 31, 2013

"Thank you Dennis for the great job on my KS-32! Good as new. considering it will be 20 years old next year (is that like dog years?)I Will definitely be back with more business and highly recommending you to all my musician friends!

Elijah Bradshaw
July 31, 2013

Thank you Dennis for resolving my problem with such speed, and expertise. I went to Dennis with my Korg AX1500G which I'd almost written off as fried and forever lost (with all of my valued and tweaked presets put together over 5+ years). Problem solved within 30 seconds - just needed a new DC adapter. Simple solution - but seeing his workshop and listening to his knowledge, I'd trust him with anything that needed repair. And I learned a couple of valuable lessons in electronics myself. Thank you, Dennis - guitarists in Jacksonville and beyond are lucky to have you in there corner!

Awsome Service
Trini Farrow
July 14, 2013

Roland JC-120 Peavey Triumph 120 Dennis, First of all, I am NOT one to write testimonials just to have my name and equipment published...with that being said, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the service you provided me on my BELOVED Roland JC-120 and tube driven Peavey Triumph 120!! Your work surpassed my expectations as I have been searching for a reliable, honest, and trust-worthy tech since retiring (SKC, USN) here in Jacksonville, FL. As you know, the JC-120 is a work-horse and I now have the confidence re-instilled that she will continue to give me years of service. The crystal clean sounds and unmistakeable chime is back!! And for the Triumph, it NOW has the smoothness and grit available whenever I need it without the use of external pedals. Please know that I will proudly tout you as my ONE and ONLY amp tech!! Can't wait to run it through the paces at church tomorrow!! Thank you again for your honesty and integrity in the service you provide. Trini F. Jacksonville, Florida

Amazed at how much better the sound is
Jim Ernstes
July 3, 2013

I wanted to take a minute to write you regarding the recent maintenance/repairs to our 56 channel Crest Audio mixer console. The band, choir, and Pastor are amazed at how much better the sound is in the sanctuary now. They’ve all commented on the crispness and clarity since the mixer was reinstalled. Our audio engineers love the smoothness of the controls, and how well they can control the sound now. We knew there were a couple of issues, but had no idea how bad it really was. I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and ethics. Your attention to detail on such an overwhelming project is greatly appreciated. As always you did a great job! We wish you the best, and look forward to working with you in the future. Jim Ernstes Assistant Director of Media THE CHURCH Group Worldwide

Christopher Walton
June 13, 2013

I just want to say, that I appreciate your professionalism and enthusiasm that you apply to your craft. You were eager to help me and I really enjoyed having you work on my amp (The Dr. Z). Beyond all that, you built trust with me in a very short amount of time. Thank you Christopher Walton

George Cornwell
May 13, 2013

I don't ever remember my Marshall sounding so good!. You are my new best friend! Thanks so much!

Never sounded better
Tom Nelly
April 18, 2013

I am a professional musician living in Gainesville, FL. I took my mid 70's Fender Twin Reverb amp to a local store for repair several times, but they never fixed it correctly. I couldn't use it for gigs because it wasn't reliable. I then found Dennis of Audio 3000. Although he is located in Jacksonville, FL, it was well worth the 2 hour drive. He was courteous, meticulous, and very professional. The amp has never sounded better. I will take all my amps to him in the future. Tom, Gainesville, FL

Wake the neighbors
John Spaulding
April 9, 2013

Dennis, Amp sounds awesome! Thanks to you I will be able to wake the neighbors again. Appreciate all the work you put into this amp. Thanks

Up and running like new
Shirley Tschannen
April 5, 2013

It has taken two years plus of searching for a technician to repair my Musical Fidelity amplifier. Shipping costs, phone calls, promises that were never met, made me want to toss this amp to the curb. Dennis was able in just 4 days, to get this treasured amp up and running like new. Dennis is a true professional who knows his business and I most sincerely appreciate and recommend him for his expertise and skills. If you have an amplifier that needs any kind of repair.... call Dennis as soon as possible, don't hesitate to give him your equipment for work and never fear of overcharging, misrepresentation or any of the other problems that seem to encompass this narrow field of technical help. Thank you Dennis for helping me and I will always urge people to use you for technical audio repair and be able to enjoy my most prized music once more.

74 Fender Bassman 100
Ken Domke
February 28, 2013

Ken, ©’74 Fender Bassman 100; Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve had this amp for more than 15 years and I have loved it, but I never really could find the right crunch that I heard so much about. I am a tightwad so until I had a channel going out I didn’t take it to be serviced. I finally gave in and took it to Dennis. I was prepared for the “highway robbery”, but instead Dennis laid it all out. There were some things that could be put off, and some things that had to happen. Honesty, “Who knew”? I let Dennis do his thing and WOW!! This thing has never sounded so good. Awesome Fat tone, and when I get the gain up the crunch is perfection. He even cleaned her up. Man, I couldn’t be happier, and will definitely only let him touch my baby. Thanks Dennis. Thanks again for the excellent work. Ken

Jeremy Bouchard
October 18, 2012

Jeremy Bouchard Marshall JCM 2000 DSL St. Augustine, FL 32084 October 18, 2012 Mr. Dennis Sardilli 3630 Morton St. Jacksonville, FL 32217 Audio 3000 Dear Mr. Sardilli, The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your outstanding work that you did while repairing my Marshall JCM 2000. The Marshall Amp truly sounds better than the day I purchased it. I was skeptical if I would ever become a Marshall Amp fan again but you have succeeded in proving me wrong. I intended to have the amp repaired so I could sell it, however, now I intend to keep it; job well done sir. Testimonial I found Dennis (Audio 3000) while searching the internet for an amp repair technician. I found someone advertising on Craig’s List so I gave them a call. After speaking to him on the phone, I got the vibe that he was wasting my time and money. I kept searching and found Audio 3000’s website. I began reading the testimonial section of the website and I liked what I was reading. I decided to give Dennis a call and things could not have worked out better. Dennis is a true professional; his shop was immaculate and he possessed the necessary tools and knowledge to fix whatever problem my amp was having. Dennis upgraded several of my filters to a higher quality product, upgraded my tubes, correctly biased the amp via tube socket and not tabs at the rear of the amp, and cleaned the input jacks. Dennis also upgraded my internal power supply which greatly reduced the hum that is a common problem with the JCM series of amplifiers to an acceptable level. My Marshall has never sounded as good and I thank Dennis for taking the time to thoroughly inspect and trouble shoot the amp. Trust is not given, it is earned, and Dennis has earned my trust. I strongly recommend using Dennis for your amp repairs. Sincerely, Jeremy Bouchard JeremyallenGTR@gmail.com

You Can Trust Dennis to the Fullest
Andrew Seward
October 13, 2012

I have been looking for someone in North FL for years that I could trust with my tube bass heads. I have finally found this person! I brought Dennis my 70's Ampeg SVT head to get fixed. The head was not working at all. Dennis re-tubed, re-soldered, and cleaned up the entire head. Now it is the beast it is supposed to be. It has such a good tone and sounds just like it came out of the box in 1974! Here's my main point....... You can't trust just any technician with this kind of old gear. You can trust Dennis to the fullest. This isn't an item you would take to Guitar Center (no offense). The best part is, I could tell Dennis really enjoyed fixing the SVT and appreciates the vintage gear. All of my gear goes to Dennis from now on. By the way.....I live a hour and a half away from JAX. The service is well worth the commute.

Awesome job
Chris Reed
September 2, 2012

Dennis repaired my Behringer PMP2000 Europower powered mixer. I didn't know who to take it to , or what to do with it. No one knew how to fix it. Now it works and sounds awesome! Thanks Dennis.

Singing Marshall
Jimmy Hahn
August 22, 2012

I took my 1976 Marshall Mark II Master Model Lead 100 Head and 1960A cabinet to Dennis for a “tune-up”. When he finished it. He asked me to come over with a guitar and whatever pedals I wanted to use. He wanted me to try it out… “to road test it” I have never been asked to test my amp in the repair shop. We cranked it up LOUD! It brought back memories of when I first bought the amp. Even then, it never sounded this good! The man is a genius! He really knows how to make a Marshall “sing”. If you have a tube powered amplifier, and want to get the most out of it, bring it to Audio 3000 in Jacksonville, FL.

Sounds amazing
Shannon Peek
August 12, 2012

Dennis I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for repairing my vintage Pioneer SX950 receiver, PL550 turntable and recapping the HPM-100 speakers, they sound amazing together listening to vinyl. Its rare to find someone who actually cares about their work and I highly recommend him to anyone. Shannon Peek Sales Consultant Lexus of Jacksonville

Where the pros go
Ken Calhoun
July 18, 2012

Dennis Sardilli is courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable and occasionally humorous. My Trace Elliot Power Cube was old, ailing and nearly irreplaceable. It's now working like new, and was repaired quickly and at a reasonable cost. Jacksonville is fortunate to have this level of expertise so close at hand. Go where the pros go. Thanks Dennis, Ken Calhoun Jazz Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele J.B. Scott's Swingin' All Stars St. John's River City Band

Top Notch Quality
Rusty Rhodes
July 14, 2012

I took my already awesome Peavey Triple XXX Combo amp in to Audio 3000 just to replace the tubes as a preemptive maneuver against having any problems on stage. I wasn’t having any problems, but I had never replaced them and didn’t want to run into a situation where something happened during a live show. All I can say is WOW! Dennis changed my tubes, plus set the bias and some other settings that I don’t fully understand, and the amp sounds better than I’ve ever heard since I bought it over 5 years ago. What was just as impressive was that he did it for a lot less than I expected to pay. Since then, I’ve taken all my equipment to Dennis at Audio 3000, and he even took a 25 year old Zoom 3030 effects pedal that I used to use in the 80’s and made it sound brand new again. I can and will recommend him to anyone looking for top notch quality electronic and instrument repairs. Rusty Rhodes Guitarist Bite the Bullet

Sounds better
Matt Breidenstein
July 12, 2012

It was highly recommended to me to go see Dennis when both of my speakers were no longer working. Dennis lived up to those expectations and more. Those speakers are now fixed and they sound better then when we first purchased them. Not only was he professional, but his rates are very reasonable. I too will be recommending anyone who needs their audio equipment fixed to go see Dennis. Matthew Breidenstein AmeriCorps Program Director

Sounds fantastic
Joseph cunningham
July 3, 2012

My Crate Acoustic CA611OD amp was crackling and barking before I took it to Dennis. He was able to give me a square estimate, and had the amp repaired in less than a week. It sounds fantastic once again - the quality of service was well worth it. Joseph Cunningham

In good hands
Chad Beckwith
July 2, 2012

Audio 3000 is now my go to for quality service of professional audio equipment. I know my gear is in good hands with Dennis. His expertise and experience make him one of the most qualified audio repair technicians in Florida. Thank You! - Chad Beckwith - Fisound LLC

Local Friends
Billy Dealing
June 22, 2012

Comments: Just would like to say the quality of work and the attention to detail that Dennis offers is outstanding.I have know many repair techs but none better than Dennis. I am the stage manager for the Molly Hatchet band and for repairs on all our amps we only use Dennis. He has taken the extra effort to repair my amps and vocal harmonizers with fast turn around so we could have them back on time for shows. I highly endorse his ablity and professionalism. Billy Dealing - stage manager Molly Hatchet Band

Pro musician happy
Kurt Johnston
June 6, 2012

Dennis Sardilli is a very talented technician with perception to see beyond the immediate problem you may be having with any electronic musical device. I brought in my Mesa Rocket 44 for a crackling problem. He fixed it AND addressed the weaker areas of the amp. The difference was noticeable as soon as I plugged my guitar in. Having shared the stage and studio with Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson,Sugarland, Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson to name but a few. Precision in equipment performance is a must. I can guarantee you will be spending your money wisely by seeking Dennis for any of your electronic woes. You can't find a tech like him on the road these days. In a hurry? don't be, he works better when he takes his time. Best, Kurt M. Johnston

Keyboard Fixed
February 11, 2011

Thanks again, Dennis, for your great work and prompt turnaround with my Yamaha keyboard. I'll be back!

Many Jobs Well Done
Bill L.
April 3, 2011

Dennis has worked on several projects for me including my bass amplifier, a microphone, my home stereo receiver and a mixing board. In each case, Dennis did excellent work, completed the tasks promptly AND followed up with me afterward to make sure that everything was working to my satisfaction. That degree of customer service is a rare find anymore. As I write this, I am listening to that home stereo and appreciating how good it sounds. Dennis is currently working on my guitar amplifier and my trusty P-bass, both of which are in need new potentiometers. I will bring any and all future electronics repair work I have to him. Thanks for the great service!

Mackie Magic
James Holmes
Rooster Recording Studio
February 12, 2011

I met Dennis through Discount Music. I had just purchased a used Mackie D8B and it needed cleaning. Normally this would not be a big deal, but the Mackie D8B is a very complex digital board with tons of screws and ribbon cable. The trim pots that needed cleaning are on the top pane, so that means that pretty much everything needed to come out just to get to them since the entry point is on the bottom. Needless to say, I was a little concerned handing over a once $10,000.00 board to a total stranger. Dennis did the repair within the time allotment that he said he would. I'm disabled, so Dennis helped me set it up (I paid the very fair price for him to pick it up and bring it back to me). We hooked it up and it worked great! All 24 trim pots were as quiet as brand new. And these pots were extremely dirty before the cleaning. I was also concerned about him hooking everything back up correctly, but everything worked like new. I was, and still am very pleased with his work and I would recommend him highly.

Easter Services Saved
Rev Glen Johnson Jr.
February 14, 2011

My name is Glen Johnson and I am a Pastor with Atlantic Beach Assembly of God. Before an Easter production our sound system began giving us some major problems. I called up Audio 3000 and they where able to come out and fix our problem within 24 hours, and the price that they charged us was very fair. Normally I know that this project would have taken at least a week and would have cost us a significant amount of money, but because of their dedication to providing great service they understood the importance and were able to get us up and running with no flaws. Thanks for the services that you provide.

Amp Tune-Up
April 12, 2011

Hi Dennis - the amp has never sounded better! Thank you so much and I will be referring folks your way.

Better Than New!
Robert D. Cox, Jr.
August 3, 2011

Hey Dennis, Fantastic, actually sounds better than new. No more problems and I can't wait to play tonight. Thanks

Efficient and Thorough
Viqui Hilliard
May 26, 2011

Thank you for the very fine work you did on my Yamaha keyboard. It is as if it were brand new! Your work was efficient and thorough. I felt confident from your demeanor from the outset that I had brought my keyboard to the right place. I am very grateful.

Marshall AVT 150
Randy, Wendy & Josh Harris
Jax. Bch. Fl.
June 26, 2011

Dennis, My family is so happy for the most professional work you did on our Marshall AVT 150. You did what 3 other electronic vendors could not do. After 2yrs of trying to get the head fixed, which we gave up on. You were easy to contact and very trustworthy. Since we were burnt 3 times before. This amp is like new and you had a price that was very fair. You are the only that will ever touch my, or my friends equipment. You are very humble, and deserve the best.

An Expert Professional
Craig Harvey
October 26, 2011

Dennis of Audio 3000 is the man you want for all your amplifier repair problems. After taking my amp to a (supposedly) reliable repair guy a while back, I found my amp in dire straights yet again. Dennis not only fixed the problem, but made sure to correct all the other mistakes that were done by the aforementioned repair man. He was meticulous in his work and made sure I knew exactly everything that had been done. He goes above and beyond, which is the sign of an expert professional.

Capable to Do All My Repairs
December 15, 2011

Dennis, thanks for all your efforts in the prompt, affordable, and thorough repair and servicing of my gear recently. What a blessing it is to have found someone who is capable to do all my repairs for keyboards to amps and mixers. No doubt your business will thrive greatly as a result of your knowledge and work ethic as well as your interest in our needs as musicians in relation to our gear. I could not have been more pleased with the end results on all three units I brought to you. The turnaround was fast ( but not rushed) price was very reasonable and the gear has never looked and sounded better. I will do all I can to steer anyone with repair needs your way with the full confidence that they will all be equally pleased in all ways. Thanks again and have a great Christmas

Consummate Professionalism
Stuart A. Gregory
December 16, 2011

I want to thank you for your consummate professionalism and knowledge regarding our gear. You went out of your way to get it back to us in time to prepare for our next gig. You have certainly earned our business and I clearly understand why your shop was filled with repair work every time I came by. I appreciate your relationship. I know where my gear will go now if I need help. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs repair work done.

Great Experience
Andrew W.
December 16, 2011

Great experience getting my bass amp fixed by Dennis. He had the amplifier back in working order in less than a week (this is really stellar considering it was over Christmas weekend). I am not hesitating at all to return next time I need some amp repair.

Quality service
Daniel Herlehy
May 22, 2012

After having my Peavey 6505 head serviced by Dennis and reading through all of his previous testimonials, every element of each one seems to hold true in the quality of service I received in a reasonable amount of time at a very reasonable cost. From diagnostics to every problem you have noticed by him to problems beyond. Dennis goes through every measure to perfect your equipment and will inform you of every bit of work that has been done to it. I would recommend anyone I know with professional equipment and problems in Jacksonville to Audio 3000

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