Mackie Magic

I met Dennis through Discount Music. I had just purchased a used Mackie D8B and it needed cleaning. Normally this would not be a big deal, but the Mackie D8B is a very complex digital board with tons of screws and ribbon cable. The trim pots that needed cleaning are on the top pane, so that means that pretty much everything needed to come out just to get to them since the entry point is on the bottom.

Needless to say, I was a little concerned handing over a once $10,000.00 board to a total stranger. Dennis did the repair within the time allotment that he said he would. I’m disabled, so Dennis helped me set it up (I paid the very fair price for him to pick it up and bring it back to me).

We hooked it up and it worked great! All 24 trim pots were as quiet as brand new. And these pots were extremely dirty before the cleaning. I was also concerned about him hooking everything back up correctly, but everything worked like new. I was, and still am very pleased with his work and I would recommend him highly.

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