Trust to work on my gear

I found Dennis through a posting on a message board while I was doing research to buy some new gear. There aren’t a lot of people I trust to work on my gear so I’ve had a few things in need of repair piling up in the corner for years now. So when one of my main guitar amps died, I took it to Dennis. After putting it on his bench he called me with an estimate, which was very reasonable, and to let me know that the output transformers are no longer available from the maker of this amp. He then told me that he has talked to someone about that and they had suggested a different output transformer as a replacement.

Needless to say, the output transformer works great. It’s even a little louder than before it broke, but that just means it sounds better. Now I can’t wait to get all my other stuff fixed. I always appreciate when someone is willing to go the extra mile to be sure I’m happy.

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