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Hi, my name is Eugene Frame. I have a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 combo amp. The amp was not functioning right. I contacted my local music store looking for someone who could repair amps. They referred me to another repairman. After several months he contacted me and asked me to come pick up the amp and explained that he was unable to repair it. He recomended sending it back to the manufacturer in California. When I got the amp back, it was in worse shape than when I brought it to him. I looked online and saw that Dennis had great reviews. I took it to him and within a week he had the amp repaired. He not only repaired the amp, but repaired what the other tech had done to it. The amp works fantastic now. When I went to pick up this amp, I also brought a Marshall for him to repair. Thank you again Dennis.
Sincerely; Eugene Frame.

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