Outstanding Excellence

Dennis Sardilli, owner of Audio 3000 is the sage of the day before yesterday’s technology. I think that most of the stuff he works on is old; like my 43 year old ’74 Fender Pro Reverb. It was inoperable when I took it in. Huge pops and screams with everything at 0. In a few weeks it was done. To avoid surprises after a ride home, I played it at Audio 3000 for 20 minutes before calling it good and settling up. It sounded great! The experience at home was a surprise… same stuff again. Ouch. Called Dennis, and made arrangements to bring it back in. It was fixed in two days. Dennis has a way to bypass the speakers and diagnose the circuits with a series of lamps. It was a super rare reverb transformer issue, which was found with an automotive stethoscope; he literally listened to an area of the circuit that was making the noise and found the issue. Audio 3000 replaced the reverb transformer at no charge.

I waited several weeks to write this review. My amp is working better than ever; it is clean and practically noiseless. The fact that Audio 3000 didn’t put it on the shelf because the issue was extremely difficult to isolate and diagnose IS the testimonial here. Audio 3000 will not give up until the issue is fixed – completely. I will not take my amp to anyone else. Trust him too. Totally honest business. Thank you Audio 3000.

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