I Trust His Work, It Will Be Right

I was using another shop for a repair way across town. I was told about Audio 3K by a friend of mine that had his Pearce G2 worked on there, and was very pleased by the results and the shop was MUCH closer to home and work. I decided to give it a try. It was what I thought would be a simple repair and it turned out to be cost ineffective to perform. To “slap a band aid” on it would have been easy and 2-3 months later, would have been right back there again. To fix it correctly would have been $500-$600, and I could acquire a new replacement for far less. I was TOLD this by Dennis. He could have just suckered me and did not. The man has ETHICS and is honest up front with everything.

I brought him my Rivera Hammer 120 Stereo power amp, now long discontinued. I had broken the impedience selector switch on 1 side. Dennis attempted to get the parts, and they were not available. He did repair it with a fixed rating on that side of 8 ohms, the other side is adjustable.

I took him my 1987 made Lee Jackson Metaltronix M1000 which is a rare amp to say the least. My heart was in my throat, as this was THE amp that made me want a tube head to start with and I have owned since October 1993. A few days later, it was back to me in fine order after a repair beyond my capacity.

Most recently, Dennis did a modification to my Marshall Dual Super Lead 100. He installed a Mercury Magnetics 3H choke. He was up front with me that he’d never done this before, but would research it after I claimed it looked to be pretty easy, judging from the tutorial videos on MM’s site. I dropped it off on a Thursday, midday. He called me Saturday morning to say he had played the amp and it sounded really good, excellent tubes in it, did I bias it myself? Yes, I did, why? The bias job was SPOT ON, most guys have no idea how to do it correctly, but I had done it perfectly and the amp sounded great as it was. He couldn’t wait to hear the difference that I claimed the choke would make. That was 8:15 am. He called me back at 11:10 and told me it was finished, pictures sent to me of the job, which was flawless. It looked like this amp rolled out of Marshall in the UK like this, and that the choke was INCREDIBLE sounding and made a very prominent difference across the entire spectrum of the amp’s functions.

Dennis is straight up with you. If its something that is going to be a fortune to fix, he tells you before he starts. If its something that is out of his purview such as a wireless system, he told me that it had to go back to the manufacturer due to it being a broadcast transmission item and the FCC gets involved in that. He can’t do that repair. So far, I have had nothing but a terrific experience with Audio 3000 and I have had 4 repairs, 1 modification and a couple “Hey, this is something that isn’t worth doing because of costs” to my pro audio gear and a repair to my Yamaha THX home theater receiver. Dennis has always been 100% honest, transparent about the process, polite and respectful to me as a client. He is a consummate professional that knows his craft VERY well.

His rates are very reasonable. As of this review, he charges a $50.00 deposit for evaluation/bench fee. It is non-refundable, but is credited to the repairs if you elect to fix the item. My average repair/modification cost has been $175.00. That’s the AVERAGE. Some have been less, a couple have been MUCH more, but I told him “Its my baby. Fix it. I can’t so I need you to. Make her bulletproof.” He said he would advise me as the situation warranted. He did the entire way and it was a $325.00 repair, but so worth it, as I cannot replace this item.

I trust the man with my rare and valuable items and more importantly, I trust his WORK. It will be RIGHT when your item comes back to you, dead parts included. I wish I had found his shop sooner.

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