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I took my already awesome Peavey Triple XXX Combo amp in to Audio 3000 just to replace the tubes as a preemptive maneuver against having any problems on stage. I wasn’t having any problems, but I had never replaced them and didn’t want to run into a situation where something happened during a live show. All I can say is WOW! Dennis changed my tubes, plus set the bias and some other settings that I don’t fully understand, and the amp sounds better than I’ve ever heard since I bought it over 5 years ago. What was just as impressive was that he did it for a lot less than I expected to pay. Since then, I’ve taken all my equipment to Dennis at Audio 3000, and he even took a 25 year old Zoom 3030 effects pedal that I used to use in the 80’s and made it sound brand new again. I can and will recommend him to anyone looking for top notch quality electronic and instrument repairs.

Rusty Rhodes
Bite the Bullet

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