You Can Trust Dennis to the Fullest

I have been looking for someone in North FL for years that I could trust with my tube bass heads. I have finally found this person! I brought Dennis my 70’s Ampeg SVT head to get fixed. The head was not working at all. Dennis re-tubed, re-soldered, and cleaned up the entire head. Now it is the beast it is supposed to be. It has such a good tone and sounds just like it came out of the box in 1974! Here’s my main point…….

You can’t trust just any technician with this kind of old gear. You can trust Dennis to the fullest. This isn’t an item you would take to Guitar Center (no offense). The best part is, I could tell Dennis really enjoyed fixing the SVT and appreciates the vintage gear. All of my gear goes to Dennis from now on. By the way…..I live a hour and a half away from JAX. The service is well worth the commute.

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