Jeremy Bouchard
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
St. Augustine, FL 32084

October 18, 2012

Mr. Dennis Sardilli
3630 Morton St.
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Audio 3000

Dear Mr. Sardilli,

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your outstanding work that you did while repairing my Marshall JCM 2000. The Marshall Amp truly sounds better than the day I purchased it. I was skeptical if I would ever become a Marshall Amp fan again but you have succeeded in proving me wrong. I intended to have the amp repaired so I could sell it, however, now I intend to keep it; job well done sir.


I found Dennis (Audio 3000) while searching the internet for an amp repair technician. I found someone advertising on Craig’s List so I gave them a call. After speaking to him on the phone, I got the vibe that he was wasting my time and money. I kept searching and found Audio 3000’s website. I began reading the testimonial section of the website and I liked what I was reading. I decided to give Dennis a call and things could not have worked out better. Dennis is a true professional; his shop was immaculate and he possessed the necessary tools and knowledge to fix whatever problem my amp was having.
Dennis upgraded several of my filters to a higher quality product, upgraded my tubes, correctly biased the amp via tube socket and not tabs at the rear of the amp, and cleaned the input jacks. Dennis also upgraded my internal power supply which greatly reduced the hum that is a common problem with the JCM series of amplifiers to an acceptable level. My Marshall has never sounded as good and I thank Dennis for taking the time to thoroughly inspect and trouble shoot the amp.

Trust is not given, it is earned, and Dennis has earned my trust. I strongly recommend using Dennis for your amp repairs.

Jeremy Bouchard

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