Up and running like new

It has taken two years plus of searching for a technician to repair my Musical Fidelity amplifier. Shipping costs, phone calls,
promises that were never met, made me want to toss this amp to the curb.

Dennis was able in just 4 days, to get this treasured amp up and running like new.

Dennis is a true professional who knows his business and I most sincerely appreciate and recommend him
for his expertise and skills.

If you have an amplifier that needs any kind of repair…. call Dennis as soon as possible, don’t hesitate
to give him your equipment for work and never fear of overcharging, misrepresentation or any of the other
problems that seem to encompass this narrow field of technical help.

Thank you Dennis for helping me and I will always urge people to use you for technical audio repair and
be able to enjoy my most prized music once more.

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