74 Fender Bassman 100

Ken, ©’74 Fender Bassman 100; Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve had this amp for more than 15 years and I have loved it, but I never really could find the right crunch that I heard so much about. I am a tightwad so until I had a channel going out I didn’t take it to be serviced. I finally gave in and took it to Dennis. I was prepared for the “highway robbery”, but instead Dennis laid it all out. There were some things that could be put off, and some things that had to happen. Honesty, “Who knew”? I let Dennis do his thing and WOW!! This thing has never sounded so good. Awesome Fat tone, and when I get the gain up the crunch is perfection. He even cleaned her up. Man, I couldn’t be happier, and will definitely only let him touch my baby. Thanks Dennis.

Thanks again for the excellent work.


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