Walter White of electronics

Walter White of Breaking Bad said chemistry is all about “The Transformation.” In this case, Dennis Sardilli, the Walter White of electronics here in Jacksonville, Florida transformed my 1974 Fender Pro Reverb into a vintage treasure. Dennis did a “Bumper to Bumper” service – checked the tubes, tightened the tube sockets, biased the power tubes, and replaced a resistor. It used to pop and snap, and the reverb was not stable. The operating noise was sometimes a bit loud. Now – no more popping or snapping, and the operating noise is almost non-existent even when playing it on 3 in a small room. It has more clean head room than before. The reverb is deep and so is the tremolo. Overall, the tone is as fat as it can be. Dennis Sardilli is a Type A+ when it comes to his shop, his work and treatment of his clients. I am incredibly happy with my “brand new” Fender Pro Reverb that is 41 years young, and thus, would recommend Audio 3000 to anyone.


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