Organized and clean

“Dennis is a life saver! While on tour in south Florida my DMX light board fell off a speaker and the power adapter cracked right through the casing! I was doubtful it was repairable- at least not for this tour…
I was referred to the skills of Dennis Sardilli at Audio 3000. So I gave him a call early on a Sunday and explained my situation. Even though I’ve never even worked with or met this gentleman, He put his plans on hold and met me at his shop as I was rolling into Jacksonville an hour before load in.
His shop was EXTREMELY organized and clean! He converted his entire house into a state-of-art tech shop!
By the looks of the damage done to my light board, I was pretty sure I’d have to order the part from Elation and wait at least a week to see it again.
Dennis opened up the board, walked to the back of the room, opened a drawer and pulled out a little bag with the exact part I needed! I was in and out of there in 15 minutes and half hour early for load in!
The world needs more techs and people like Dennis. Jacksonville is very lucky to have such a talented, dedicated, and professional company like Audio 3k right at their fingertips!”

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