Qualified and Honest

I have a vintage Sansui AU-717 that is a great amplifier. Unfortunately, both Phono inputs started popping even without a turntable plugged in. After searching the internet I found some repair shops that would do the work on the unit but I didn’t get a easy feeling when I was talking to them. Then I found Audio 3000! When I first called Dennis he told me he was with a customer and would call me right back. After hanging up the phone I thought, keep looking. Well, was I surprised when he called me back 10 minutes later! He listened attentively while I explained the problem and was confident that he could fix the Sansui. I drove it over to Dennis from Fort Walton Beach and dropped it off to him. Within a week he called and had it diagnosed and what it needed to repair and the cost. I just picked it up and got it home and it sounds better than ever. In addition, since Dennis has gone thru the unit I have the confidence that it has many good years ahead. I feel after dealing with Dennis that he is not only a qualified technician but a decent and honest person.

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