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I have a Pioneer SX-737 I purchased new on December 31st 1975 at Standard Sales here in Jax FL (I still have the receipt). I’ve kept it in a safe and climate controlled environment over the years. Recently I got it all hooked back up to use and it had issues with the volume control popping really bad, and losing a channel. I took it to Audio 3000 and a few days later (to my surprise) It was ready for pickup. Folks let me tell you, it rocks my Marantz Speakers that I bought the same day of the SX-737. I can’t believe the power this amp has ! It was never like this before ! So cool to have something that is now going on 46 years old that works and plays so well. I’m more ecstatic now then back on Dec, 31st 1975.
Highly Recommend Audio 3000

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